1. Is there is any age restriction?

    No, there's no age restriction. Anyone who aspires to attend can attend the event.

  2. Are outsiders are allowed? Especially men, in women's college.

    Yes, outsiders are allowed, anybody can join in the TEDx event.

  3. Can I organize a tedx event at my university?

    Yes. You need to know the TEDx rules and fill in the form for getting a license from the central TED office. The standard license allows holding an event for up to 100 guests.

  4. What is the duration of the event?

    University Events can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length.

  5. Can we address to speakers one to one?

    No, All speakers can only communicate directly with the organizer of their TEDx event none no other than that.

  6. Where can I contact for further queries?

    You can DM us on Instagram or put your query in the form below. The team will certainly look into the situation.

  7. Do we get refreshments?

    Yes, you will get refreshments.

  8. What is the expense of the ticket and if not attended will we get refunds?

    Yet, to be revealed. No refunds are obtainable.

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